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TEN Wallet
3 min readJan 18, 2022


TEN Wallet is one of a kind double-layered ring signature multi-chain wallet with zero knowledge proof integration.

Transparency and immutability go hand in hand with every dominant blockchain. Immutability, the original value proposition of blockchain technology, is a key benefit that the public continues to seek when engaging in DeFi activities. On the other hand, transparency is not so important. Wherever possible, users prefer to remain anonymous rather than disclosing themselves and their wealth. Looking at the challenges of the DeFi space, the need for anonymity is clear. With solutions in place today, users will have to face friction or deal with centralized institutions to remain less transparent and anonymous when participating in DeFi activities. TEN Wallet believes that everyone should have a right to remain private.

TEN Wallet uses smart contracts that allow users to decentralize and hide the amount and origin of stored cryptocurrencies.

Each time you withdraw funds, the form creates a new wallet address with the requested cryptocurrency amount from the smart contract with all the funds combined in a pool twice to mix the outflow.

Figure 1. Double-layered ring signature

We are all committed to restoring the right to privacy and anonymity, which we have unfortunately lost over the years. Therefore, we see TEN Wallet as a first and foremost community-driven project, whose success is largely dependent on more and more users joining the platform. The power of our community will be physically immortalized with the TENW service token. Token holders will be an important pillar of TEN Wallet’s growth, providing liquidity to the platform, acting as a marketing engine and solidifying our name in the DeFi space.


Total supply: (10 Billion) TENW

Buying Tax is 5% (1% Burn, 1% Smart Staking, 3% Liquidity Generation)

Selling Tax is 7% (1% Burn, 2% Smart Staking, 4% Liquidity Generation)

Airdrop: TENW tokens will be distributed to the IOTN holders who have more than 1.000.000 IOTN tokens in their respective wallets/staked, shortly after the DEX listing.

Note: Airdrop form should be filled to be eligible for the Airdrop.


Note: IOTN holders who hold more than 1.000.000 IOTN will get the chance to be selected for Whitelist.



TEN Wallet

A One Of A Kind Double-layered Ring Signature Multi-Wallet With Zero Knowledge Proof Integration.